Back Pain Therapy

ThermaCare Back Pain Therapy

  • 16 hours of pain relief Up to 16 hours of pain relief
  • Deep penetrating heat Deep penetrating heat to help sooth and relax tight muscles
  • Portable and discreet heat Portable and discreet heat so you aren't chained to the couch
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Up to 34” waist


35” to 47” waist

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Only ThermaCare Back Pain Therapy HeatWraps are clinically proven for pain relief, and increase blood flow to help accelerate healing.


The American College of Physicians (ACP) recommends real heat as a first defense against lower back pain.


Targeted Heat Therapy

  • 16 hours of pain relief. That’s up to 8 hours of heat while you wear it, plus 8 hours of relief after you take it off.
  • Enhanced elasticity for a better fit and more targeted relief.
  • Designed specifically to fit your lower back and hip area and is thin enough to wear discreetly under clothing.
  • Patented heat cells get right to the source, to relieve pain and accelerate healing.

*Use as directed.

How to use ThermaCare Back Pain Therapy HeatWraps

Follow these helpful tips to get the most out of ThermaCare Back Pain Therapy HeatWraps

Step 1

Make sure the skin where you’re applying the wrap is clean, dry and free of any recent makeup, moisturizer or lotions.

Step 2

Put the wrap flat on your skin. Make sure the darker heat cells are placed toward your skin.

Step 3

Make adjustments to firmly “lock” it in place by attaching the Velcro® to the elastic, but don’t over tighten it.*

*Read full product labeling for complete usage instructions

Try these Tips for Relieving Back Pain

Did you know that about 80 percent of adults in the US experience lower-back pain at some point? It could be from lifting something heavy, playing with kids, or even sleeping in the wrong position, but the end result is a painful back. For the most part, lower back pain doesn’t last too long and gets better over time, but here are a few extra tips for dealing with back pain along with heat therapy.


It may surprise you, but one study tested adults who suffered from back pain and found that exercise actually helped to reduce the pain. While you should consult with a doctor to avoid worsening any injuries, there are plenty of back-friendly exercises that can help alleviate pain.


Sure, massages are a great way to unwind and reward yourself, but they can also help with lower back pain. They also help with short-term pain and function, according to an American College of Physicians review of 26 trials.


You might not think of feeling like a pincushion as fun, but acupuncture could be a huge help for back pain. Evidence is limited on how it helps short-term back pain, but a review of 32 studies has shown acupuncture to be moderately effective for more chronic lower back pain.

ThermaCare Back Pain Therapy
Real heat that
moves with you

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