ThermaCare® Menstrual Pain Therapy

Up to 8 hours of menstrual pain relief.

ThermaCare® Menstrual Pain Therapy HeatWraps send real heat deep into your muscles to relax contractions and relieve period cramps for up to 8 hours. The HeatWraps attach to the inside of your underwear. They’re thin and discreet enough to wear under clothing on the go or while relaxing.

Soothing Heat Therapy

  • Provides soothing heat for 8 hours of menstrual cramp pain relief.
  • Ultra-thin design conforms to your lower abdomen for discreet comfort wherever you go.
  • Thin enough to wear discreetly under clothing.
  • Can be worn at home or on the go.

*Use as directed.

How to use ThermaCare® Menstrual Pain Therapy HeatWraps

Follow these helpful tips to get the most out of ThermaCare® Menstrual Pain Therapy HeatWraps.

  • Step 1

    Peel away paper to reveal the adhesive side.

  • Step 2

    Place on the painful area, with adhesive side against underwear and not against the skin.

  • Step 3

    Make any needed adjustments and firmly rub over the adhesive to firmly “lock” it in place.*

*Read full product labeling for complete usage instructions.