ThermaCare® HeatWraps

Real heat. Real relief. Real healing.

From hot baths to heating pads, people have been using heat therapy for centuries to help ease muscle pain, reduce soreness, and loosen tight muscles. ThermaCare® HeatWraps use patented heat cell technology that produces real heat which increases blood flow to the area in pain — and are far more convenient than other forms of heat therapy!

These unique heat wraps are clinically proven for pain relief and use real heat to help accelerate healing. ThermaCare® HeatWraps are drug-free and convenient, like a portable heating pad you can wear, and they’re discreet! They are completely odorless and lay neatly underneath your clothing, so you can use them when you’re relaxing at home or on the go.

How does heat therapy work?

Heat therapy has a known soothing effect on sore muscles and body parts. What’s more, unlike cryotherapy (cold therapy) which is meant to be applied immediately upon injury, heat therapy is great for ongoing treatment of soreness, aches, and pains.

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Heat stimulates thermoreceptors, blocking pain signals to the brain.

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Applying heat increases circulation to the injured area. Increased blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients are sent to the damaged tissue, which promotes healing.

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Heat helps relax damaged, tight, and sore muscles, to improve flexibility and decrease stiffness.

How ThermaCare® HeatWraps Work

Real heat to relieve pain at the source.

Whether it’s muscle or joint aches, strains, sprains, or arthritis, the patented thermal heat cells in ThermaCare® HeatWraps deliver real relief exactly where you need it. ThermaCare®’s real therapeutic heat penetrates deep to the site of pain, increasing blood flow which helps accelerate healing.

*Use as directed.
^Up to 8 hours of heat while you wear it, plus 8 hours of relief after you take it off.
Back and Neck Pain Relief  Video Get 16 Hours of Back and Neck Pain Relief^
Muscle and Joint Pains Video Relieve Muscle and Joint Pains
Relief from Menstrual Cramps Video Get Relief from Menstrual Cramps
*Use as directed.
^Up to 8 hours of heat while you wear it, plus 8 hours of relief after you take it off.

How is ThermaCare® Different From Ordinary Patches and Creams?

If you’re looking for heat patches, you might be surprised to learn that ordinary heat wraps, hot patches, and creams often use chemicals to create an artificial sensation of heat. These artificial sensations may block pain temporarily but won’t help you heal any faster. Only ThermaCare® HeatWraps deliver real heat, penetrating deep to where you need it, increasing blood flow, helping to accelerate healing and target pain at the source.

There are also products that create an artificial sensation of cooling which can decrease blood flow, actually slowing the recovery process.

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ThermaCare®: Advanced external pain relief - heatwraps for back, neck, joint, muscle and menstrual pain; pain relieving cream