ThermaCare® Muscle Pain Therapy

Up to 8 hours of continuous pain relief.

If you’re ever used a heating pad for sore muscles, or taken a hot bath after a strenuous workout, you may have noticed that the heat helped with soreness. Heating pads for muscle pain may help relieve pain, but they tether you to your home! ThermaCare® Muscle Pain Therapy HeatWraps lets you take the benefits of heat therapy with you on-the-go, so you can unlock tight, sore, and stiff muscles no matter where you are. They work on multiple locations on your body, delivering portable, long-lasting pain relief wherever you need it, and increase blood flow to help accelerate healing. Ordinary muscle heat pads, patches or creams for pain either don’t deliver real heat or they aren’t portable and convenient like ThermaCare®.

Targeted heat Therapy

  • Provides 8 hours of continuous muscle pain therapy.
  • Patented heat cell technology penetrates deep to the source of pain, to help relieve pain and accelerate healing.
  • Designed specifically to help relieve pain associated with muscle aches, stiffness, tightness, muscle spasms, and cramps.
  • Thin enough to wear discreetly under clothing.
  • Flexible enough to wear while on the move, exercising, or relaxing.

*Use as directed.

How to use ThermaCare® Muscle Pain Therapy HeatWraps

Follow these helpful tips to get the most out of ThermaCare® Muscle Pain Therapy HeatWraps.

  • Step 1

    Make sure the skin where you’re applying the wrap is clean, dry, and free of any recent makeup, moisturizer or lotions.

  • Step 2

    Lay the wrap flat by lightly pressing the adhesive side on your skin. Then make adjustments to firmly “lock” it in place, but don’t over tighten it.

  • Step 3

    Watch out when handling the adhesive side so you don’t get anything like lotions, lint or hair on it that will prevent the adhesive from sticking.*

Try These Tips For Relieving Muscle Pain

Whether you’re recovering from a workout at the gym, or soreness after moving heavy boxes, here are some tips that can help relieve muscle pain in addition to wearing ThermaCare® Muscle Pain Therapy HeatWraps.

  • Learn simple massages: According to research published in the Journal of Athletic Training, a massage can help with recovery and relieve muscle soreness. Start by trying a thick foam roller. You can press it against the floor or a wall. You may have even noticed your gym has one. Lacrosse or golf balls also work to roll out a muscle. Do this for any muscles that are sore or tend to get sore.
  • Drink up: We all know the importance of drinking water to stay hydrated, but there is a delicious drink you may not have thought of that is great after a good sweat: low-fat chocolate milk. Go ahead and treat yourself. In a study of athletes, low-fat chocolate milk has a perfect recovery ratio of carbs to protein (4:1), according to scientists.
  • Wear compression clothing: Since they increase circulation which brings more oxygen to the muscles, wearing compression sleeves for your arms or legs might assist with recovery, according to research published in the Journal of Sports Medicine.

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*Read full product labeling for complete usage instructions.