Why Heat Therapy?

ThermaCare® HeatWraps penetrate deep to the source of pain, to accelerate healing right where it hurts

16 Hour Pain Relief from Lower Back & Hip Pains

    You may not have heard the words “heat therapy” before, but you surely have seen it in action. Hot baths, hot water bottles, heating pads, Jacuzzis—all of these are examples of heat therapies that have been used for centuries to combat backaches, muscle and joint pain. In fact, clinical data shows that soreness is reduced significantly 72 hours post-exercise without heat, but much faster with the application of local heat.1

    Heat is effective. It penetrates deep, warming the muscle right where it hurts—to relax, soothe and unlock tight muscles.  

    Here’s how it works:

    • When heat is applied to your skin, it actually reduces the sensation of pain.
      Heat stimulates thermo receptors, which block your body’s pain transmitters from sending pain signals to your brain
    • Heat increases circulation to the injured or sore area, which means more oxygen and nutrients are sent to the damaged tissue
    • Heat helps stretch soft tissues and relax sore muscles which promotes flexibility and decreases stiffness

    Consistent heat:

    It once was believed that 20 minutes of high-level heat followed by 20 minutes of no heat was the most effective treatment for sore muscles. However, clinical studies show the use of continuous low-level heat therapy, like that found in ThermaCare® HeatWraps, is effective for pain management.  

    For more information on the benefits of heat therapy, visit:  

    American Pain Society: http://www.ampainsoc.org/

    American Pharmacists Association: http://www.pharmacist.com