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Muscle Pain
The Plan for After You Work OutThe Plan for After You Work Out

The Plan
for After
You Work Out

Here are some tips to help you recover after your workout.

We’ve all been there. You’re eager to get back in the gym, but one thing’s stopping you. You’re still sore from your last workout. Having a post-workout routine can really help reduce muscle pain. Get back on your feet easier and faster with these tips.

Learn simple massages: Tiny tears in your muscles are what make them sore. According to research, a massage can help recovery and relieve muscle soreness. Just don’t go pulling out your credit card for a 90-minute massage quite yet. Save money by first trying a thick foam roller. You can press it against the floor or a wall. You may have even noticed your gym has one. Lacrosse or golf balls also work to roll out a muscle. Do this for any muscles that are sore or tend to get sore.

In a study of athletes, low-fat chocolate milk has a perfect recovery ratio of carbs to protein.

Drink up: We all know the importance of drinking water to stay hydrated, but there is a delicious drink you may not have thought of that is great after a good sweat: low-fat chocolate milk. Go ahead and treat yourself. In a study of athletes, low-fat chocolate milk has a perfect recovery ratio of carbs to protein (4:1), according to scientists.

Wear compression clothing: Since they increase circulation and the amount of oxygen to the muscles, wearing compression sleeves for your arms or legs might assist with recovery, according to research.

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