Why Cold Therapy?

Delivers up to one hour of constant comfortable cold, where and when you need it
How does it work? 
If you've ever sprained an ankle or bumped something too hard, you've probably applied cold to reduce swelling and provide pain relief. ThermaCare® Cold Wraps take cold therapy to the next level. The unique TargetTemp Insulation Technology™ delivers a constant and comfortable cold for effective relief plus healing, without the icy shock of traditional cold packs. 
It does this by constricting blood vessels and decreasing fluid buildup that leads to swelling. ThermaCare® Cold Wraps also help slow the release of pain impulses to the brain, providing effective relief where you need it most.
For pain related to sports or repetitive stress: 
The RICE method: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation is frequently used to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Rest and elevate the injured area. The use of a ThermaCare® Cold Wrap instead of ice is a convenient way to provide sustained cold therapy to the affected area.