Portable Relief

Treating pain with heat
About the effectiveness of portable pain relief from ThermaCare® Heatwraps

When your back hurts, just getting out of bed can be a painful proposition—never mind going to work or having fun.

Millions of Americans suffer from pain—with back pain topping the list. Consider this: Back pain alone results in about 100 million lost work days a year.1

But pain does not always have to keep you bed-bound. In fact, getting up and moving around can sometimes help ease your pain.

What you may need is portable heat relief—something that can go with you and help you throughout your day. The continuous level of heat in ThermaCare® HeatWraps delivers effective, targeted pain relief that is easy to use, discreet and odorless. ThermaCare® works differently. Its patented heat cells penetrate deeply into inflamed tissue, increasing blood flow to the source of pain, which in turn relieves pain and accelerates healing. ThermaCare® is free of odors and conforms to your body’s natural shape so it comfortably stays in place, even on the go.

And, more important, it’s effective for temporarily relieving minor aches and pains. Researchers at The Johns Hopkins University conducted a study of 43 workers ages 20 to 62 who all suffered from lower back pain. One group wore ThermaCare® HeatWraps for three days while the other group merely received training on how to avoid back pain. At the end of the study, the group that wore ThermaCare® products had a 60 percent reduction in pain intensity.2

”The dramatic relief we see in workers using CLHT (Continuous Low-Level Heat Therapy) shows that this therapy has clear benefits for low back pain and that it plays an important role in pain management,” said Edward J. Bernacki, M.D., M.P.H., associate professor of medicine at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the study’s principal investigator.3

So find the ThermaCare® product that is right for you—portable relief!


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