Neck Pain

  • Find out how to help relieve pains in your neck

  • How to help relieve pains in your neck

    Neck pain can be caused from a variety of things, from everyday stress or sleeping in a strange position to muscle strain and worn joints. ThermaCare® Neck, Wrist & Shoulder HeatWraps can help alleviate neck pain and get you back to the things you love without experiencing soreness. The patented heat cells in our single-use wraps are designed to penetrate deep into the tissue, increasing blood flow, to stop pain and accelerate healing. They can relax sore, tight muscles, helping make body movement freer and easier.

    What You Can Do

    Combine the heat therapy of ThermaCare® with the following:

    • Perform range-of-motion and strengthening exercises while pain symptoms are present*
    • Move on to low-stress exercises (e.g. walking, swimming or cycling) after pain symptoms have improved (typically two to four weeks)
    • Avoid heavy lifting, strenuous exercise and uncomfortable positions
    • Use medication as directed
    • Maintain normal activity
    • Consult your doctor


    *Consult your doctor (or physician) before beginning a new exercise regimen