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Your Race Day Emergency KitYour Race Day Emergency Kit

Your Race Day
Emergency Kit

Emergencies might come up now and then on race day, but that doesn’t mean your hard training should go to waste. Bringing the right things can help you relieve stress and stay focused on finishing strong. Some things like bandages and hair ties are obvious, but some things you may not think of could be extremely useful.

Keep in mind that all of the things you bring with you to a race should fit easily into a running belt or backpack. You won’t need every one of these items, but you can pick and choose the ones that will help you.

Extra phone or headphones: We’ve all been there — on a longer run, the combination of a GPS and streaming music kills your battery. If you need music to run, make sure you have an extra listening device, headphones, or at least a travel battery.

Inspiration: Have a motivational letter your friend or roommate left you? A special reason you’re running? An old medal from your favorite personal record? Take a picture of it and use it to keep you pumped up and going strong when you stop to grab water.

Pain relievers: ThermaCare® HeatWraps give serious targeted relief and soothe tight muscles. If an old nagging muscle injury like your hamstring starts acting up halfway through, you can apply it right when you finish to help heal.

The fuel you like: It could be granola bars or energy gels. Whatever you like, bring extras for race day. Of course, you’ll want to stick with the products and flavors you know and love. Save trying something new for a shorter training run.

Written-down phone numbers: What are your plans after the race? Maybe you’re going to meet up with friends and family to celebrate? Hopefully there won’t be an emergency during the race, but better safe than sorry. If your phone dies during the race, you’ll want important contacts on good old-fashioned paper.

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